Where to see bluebells near Grantham

There are a few woods around Grantham where you can go and see wild bluebells. I saw a few plants flowering as early as the end of March when we had the week or two of glorious weather, but the majority are looking beautiful now in May.

English bluebells in Belvoir Woods
English bluebells in Belvoir Woods

Belvoir Woods, accessed by footpath from Stathern, a village several miles to the west of Grantham, is a good location to see carpets of bluebells within the woods – this is where the photographs on this page were taken. The map below shows where within the woods the largest abundances can be found.

Location of bluebells in Belvoir Woods
Location of bluebells in Belvoir Woods

Belton House, the National Trust property to the north-east of Grantham also has them in their woodland beside the river. You need to pay entry to get into the house and gardens unless you are a National Trust member (but, it goes without saying, it’s well worth it!)

Location of Belton House, just outside Grantham
Location of Belton House, just outside Grantham

This Sunday, the 20th of May, Harlaxton College will open its woods to the public to see the bluebells there. The college is based at the large manor just outside Harlaxton, visible on the left of the A607 as you leave Grantham heading west. The college is an outpost of the American University of Evansville. Access is through the village and the woods are open between 1pm and 3pm.

Location of Harlaxton Manor, just outside Grantham
Location of Harlaxton Manor, just outside Grantham

For other locations of bluebell woods, why not check out the National Trust’s Bluebell Map here.

For more info on the difference between native and Spanish bluebells, have a look at my recent post here.

2 thoughts on “Where to see bluebells near Grantham

  1. Mike Rodman Jones April 22, 2020 / 4:28 pm

    Many thanks for this wonderful blog! We’ve recently moved to the Vale of Belvoir and are really enjoying exploring the local wildlife trust reserves (Holwell Reserves; Coombs Meadow, Muston Meadows etc). Your info in this article (on the spot in Belvoir woods near Stathern) was excellent – there’s a great, dense patch of bluebells just where you noted as of 22 April 2020. Now we’re looking for good spots to see kingfishers and badgers!

    • Grantham Ecology April 26, 2020 / 7:31 am

      That’s great news – glad they’re still flourishing! There were some forestry operations a few years ago which were not as sensitive as you would have liked but it looks as though they bounced back! The Grantham Canal is a great spot for kingfishers – you’ll often see a blue flash if you stand a while on the bridge next to the Rutland Arms or walk along the towpath around that area!

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