30 Days Wild – Week 1

For the last month, all through June, I’ve been taking part in #30dayswild. Now that June has come to an end, I am looking back on the activities which kept me feeling connected to nature through the month. The following post summarises Week 1 – feel free to click through the links to read more about any of these activities!

Weeks 2-4 summaries will follow!

Day 1 – Bat Survey

I started Day 1 of 30 Days Wild at 2:30am when I set a very early alarm to carry out a bat survey. Despite the murky conditions, the night had been damp but without rain, and the dawn temperature o…

Source: 30 Days Wild – Day 1

Day 2 – Meeting a Mayfly

The arrival of the mayflies – those famously short-lived river dwellers – is one of the most dramatic events in early summer. Their appearance is of interest to many more species than j…

Source: 30 Days Wild – Day 2

Day 3 – Common Blue Butterflies
I called in at a Warwickshire Wildlife Trust site on my way home from site survey to see whether the butterfly orchids were yet in flower. I found several spikes where the first flowers were openin…

Source: 30 Days Wild – Day 3

Day 4 – Wildflowers in the Garden
It is often said that a weed is simply a flower in the wrong place. I would consider that any flower which adds life and colour to a drab lawn has found it’s right place, and so I went out in…

Source: 30 Days Wild – Day 4

Day 5 – Sunset in a Wildflower Meadow
For Day 5 of 30 Days Wild, I walked out to a local National Nature REserve (NNR) called Muston Meadows to watch the sun go down. As I spend much of the summer doing bat surveys, I do get to see my …

Source: 30 Days Wild – Day 5

 Day 6 – Recording a Cuckoo Bee on iRecord
The blue skies and sunshine first thing this morning made a walk around the garden a must-do before heading into work. I spotted a bumblebee on one of the ornamental garden shrubs which looked rath…

Source: 30 Days Wild – Day 6

Day 7 – Orange -tip Butterflies along the Viking Way
Taking the time to watch nature, rather than simply notice it and keep on walking, is an immensely rewarding experience. There is much information available on so many species, but sometimes it is …

Source: 30 Days Wild – Day 7

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