30 Days Wild – Day 12

I think one of the single best things about botany is the ability to enjoy it just about anywhere. As Sunday was so overcast and rainy, I decided to head off to the Depot Climbing Centre in Nottingham for a couple of hours. I parked round the back and walked down through the Gala Bingo carpark to get to the climbing centre entrance and I noticed just how many little wildflowers were growing in the cracks at the edges of the wall. I counted 17 species in flower, with many more such as mugwort still to come.

This just shows that you don’t need to travel to a nature reserve, or invest in anything to enjoy wildflowers. These are all taken on a phone camera in an unkempt carpark in Nottingham city centre!

It’s so easy to get involved in #30DaysWild if you keep an eye out for the easily overlooked aspects of nature which are all around you. For more inspiration on the range of wildflowers in bloom right now across the UK, check out the #wildflowerhour hashtag every Sunday evening from 8 – 9pm.

Habitat shot!