30 Days Wild – Day 15

Another thundery showery day when the temptation is to stay inside. Resist it! Getting out and about and seeing how different the earth is after a good downpour makes an excellent activity for #30dayswild! A walk between the showers always has a special quality, and can make for some dramatic views as the next storm brews up overhead.

I booted up at lunchtime and walked up to the Hills and Hollows which rise up above Grantham to the east of the town. The grasslands up here have diverse patches, and a good mosaic of scrub and grassland with damper flushes and sparse patches too.

I often walk up this way, rarely with an agenda but I never fail to find something which catches my eye. In this case, the photo opportunity for some shots of the wildflowers against a stormy sky was my reward for the walk up the hill – a few species are illustrated below. Luckily, I managed to head back into the office just as the rain began!

Field poppy – Papaver rhoeas
White clover – Trifolium repens
Lesser stitchwort – Stellaria graminea
White campion – Silene latifolia
Dogrose – Rosa canina
Hogweed – Heracleum sphondylium
Meadow buttercup – Ranunculus acris