30 Days Wild – Day 18

A pond is certainly one of the best ways to encourage wildlife into your garden. I spent a while watching ours today – the constant coming and going of honey bees is one of the most interesting activities as they stop off for a drink and then make a bee-line back diagonally across the garden in the direction of their hives.

Each year we have several species of damselfly in the pond, as well as occasional flying visits from dragonflies including darters and emperors.

Today, this was the only representative – a Large Red Damselfly. I have to say, I find this name rather unsatisfying as it sounds more like a description than a scientific name!

Large Red Damselfly

If you don’t already have one – building a pond in your garden is an excellent way to boost it’s wildlife value for #30dayswild – you’ll attract insects of all kinds, give the birds a place to wash and the hedgehogs a place to drink.

If you do already have one, perhaps think about ways to make it even better. Simple actions like ensuring there is a way in and out for amphibians, and an escape route for hedgehogs if they get stuck. Make sure there are some water plants present for newts to lay their eggs in, or for insects to hide in. Ensure there are nooks and crannies around the edges of the pond where things can hide, or perhaps make a loose rockery near to the pond where frogs and toads can hibernate through the winter!

Common frog in our garden pond

Froglife has some great tips on how to make or improve a wildlife pond – find out more here.