30 Days Wild – Day 20

Sometimes, opportunities to connect with nature are hard to come by – today was a busy day with meetings, lots of office work and a few days of overnight surveys to prepare for when I got home this evening.

So with limited opportunity otherwise, I called in to say hello to the swan family along the Grantham Canal this agternoon. This little group of cygnets and their parents seem to have a favourite spot where they can often be found and today was no exception. I kept back as, although accustomed to people using the towpath, I don’t think the parents are too keen on visitors, although the cygnets looked completely unconcerned and continued preening.

This was a 5 minute stop on the way between a meeting and the office, but even this brief visit can give you a feeling that you’ve taken a moment to connect with wildlife and #30dayswild gives the incentive to make sure you take an opportunity every day.

Cygnets and one parent along the Grantham Canal