30 Days Wild – Day 23

I have a real fondness for ‘arable weeds’ – those species which manage to make a living in the edges of our intensively managed arable monocultures. I discussed these further in my blog post last year and for #30dayswild today, I spent a few spare moments on a bat tree survey to take a few photos of the species making a living in the bare grounds at the edges of cultivation.

The presence of skippers, ringlets, meadow browns and a host of other butterflies and insects around the field edges is testimony to the positive contribution of these little jewels in an otherwise crop-dominated landscape.

So-called ‘weeds’ are everywhere, but think beyond the lazy label and these are some beautiful little wildflowers and the real treat is, you can find them pretty much anywhere you look! See what you can spot for #30dayswild!

Broad-leaf willowherb
Scarlet pimpernel
Field pansy
Field speedwell
Chamomile mayweed
Wall speedwell
Wild carrot
Cut-leaved cranesbill