30 Days Wild – Day 28

I took a lunchtime walk around one of the fields in Grantham today to see what I could spot and came across this meadow brown butterfly bouncing between the flowers. Creeping thistle seemed to be a particular favourite along with the black knapweed which is in the same family.

Meadow brown on a creeping thistle flower – the single white dot on the eye-spot differentiates this from the similar gatekeeper butterfly which has two white dots.

I love how shaggy these butterflies look – this fur gives them an almost mammalian look which you would miss unless you creep up close enough to see!

The almost shaggy fur of a meadow brown butterfly up close

These butterflies are widespread in grassland habitats and can sometimes be the most common species where the conditions are right. The caterpillars feed on a wide range of grass species.

Meadow brown on selfheal flower

The meadow brown is commonly seen in flight, even on dull overcast days like today and is common in meadows and pasture fields. Nothing cheers up an overcast day quite like an encounter with a butterfly!