30 Days Wild – Day 29

It’s been yet another wet and windy day here – not the kind of weather that encourages you to get out in the wilds but there’s always, ALWAYS, something waiting for you if you do!

I walked down into town at lunchtime and found this little beetle paid me a visit. Thanks to Charlie Barnes for the ID of the small green nettle weevil – Phyllobius roboretanus. It’s considering the chasm between two fingers in this photograph – I love the difference in perspective that such an encounter can give you when you realise just how different the world is to these tiny insects we share it with.

Small green nettle weevil – Phyllobius roboretanus

This penultimate day of 30 Days Wild will finish with a bat survey where the BBC weather promises the conditions will improve – fingers crossed!

If you are looking for something wild to do on this rainy evening, could I suggest one of the following Radio 4 programmes?

Chris Watson is an incredible sound recordist who creates soundscapes of the natural world. I caught him talking on Front Row a week or two ago about his recent project on Town Moor in Newcastle upon Tyne and was particularly struck by his recordings of the mating calls of lesser water boatmen – you can read more here. I then discovered quite a back catalogue of programmes on Radio 4 which I am currently working my way through – I would highly recommend a listen!

Another amazing programme is the short piece on Singing with Nightingales – this extraordinary collaboration between musician and bird is really quite magical. The programme explores the origins of the concept, with the cellist Beatrice Harrison’s live broadcasts of her dueting with the birds in her garden back in 1924. It also features a haunting and beautiful modern reincarnation with the folk singer Sam Lee who we were lucky enough to get to see performing with the nightingales in Sussex earlier this year.