30 Days Wild – Day 30

On the final day of #30dayswild, it seems appropriate to mark both an end and a beginning. The three photos below show the aging of a bee orchid I found on site today – with a fresh dark flower at the top  and paler, older flowers withering below. June is a great month for orchids, and some species are still to come into their peak in July, but this introguing, exotic little species is coming to its end.

July however is the peak month for flowering in the UK, as the graph below shows, so what better time to commit to keeping up the challenge of doing or seeing something wild each day with #staywild!

Below are just a couple of flowers I saw in a Wildlife Trust site today – Fulbourn Fen. There’s still so much to see this summer so get out and enjoy it! Don’t forget to keep sharing experiences and inspiring others with the hashtag #staywild!

Bush vetch
Hoary plantain