30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild is a fantastic project run by the Wildlife Trusts to encourage people to spend more time connecting with nature in June.

I am lucky in my job in that most days offer a chance to connect with our natural world through surveys in the field – at their peak in June and July. However some days it’s raining or I’m working in the office on a report and the opportunities for connecting with nature don’t present themselves as readily – these are the days when it’s even more important to make the effort to find one yourself.

The team behind 30 days wild have generated a wealth of ideas and inspirations to help people to connect with nature during June, as well as welcoming the vast array of individual ways which people find themselves.

You can get involved too through the Wildlife Trust’s Facebook Page, Twitter Page or Website. The website has much more info on 30 Days Wild, including the opportunity to sign up, download wallcharts and Random Acts of Wildness Cards (little flashcards which give you hints and inspiration) or to share your adventures on social media.

Early Marsh orchid with creeping buttercup in the background taken recently at one of the Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves – Fulbourn Fen in Cambridge.